Toptun shower: features, areas of application, self-production

Without a summer shower, it’s completely uncomfortable at the dacha. Even if you don’t take up a hoe, but just come to relax, you will probably want to rinse yourself with warm water. However, a traditional summer shower is a stationary structure with a tank. It still needs to be built, it is bulky, and it has to be preserved for the winter. There is a lighter and more mobile option.

A stomp shower is a small device that allows you to supply water from a container to a watering can at the end of a hose. In essence, it is a small manual (or rather, foot) water pump that takes water from a bucket or bottle and supplies it through a hose to the sprinkler.

The main advantages of the solution are incredible compactness, low cost, simplicity, and high speed of deployment of the structure. All items fit into a small bag, with the exception of the water container.

These advantages significantly expand the scope of application of the device:

  • you can take it with you on forays and hikes;
  • can be used to wash tools, dishes, hands;
  • wash cars and other vehicles from dirt;
  • water the beds;
  • and, of course, take a shower, even where there are absolutely no conditions for this.

To carry out hygiene procedures, you will need a secluded corner or screen suspended on the branches of a tree or bush, as well as a small volume of water. An additional advantage of a trampler shower is that it provides very economical water consumption; 8-10 liters is more than enough for one person. After all, to supply liquid you need to actively work with your legs, that is, accidental, imperceptible consumption is simply excluded.

True, to use the device you will have to work with your feet, but this is also a good charger, many people like it.

About materials

The materials from which it is made are of decisive importance for a summer shower. The design of the shower, its durability and construction costs depend on them.

It is necessary to select the material before starting construction of the shower.

  1. Tree.

Cheap, durable, environmentally friendly and beautiful material. It keeps you warm. However, under the influence of moisture, wooden structures are destroyed, so they are treated with an antiseptic.

  1. Metal.

Lightweight, durable and beautiful material, but afraid of corrosion. Welding skills are required for installation. Due to the high cost of construction and the need to constantly paint, the material has limited use in summer cottages.

  1. Brick.

This material has an attractive appearance. Brick construction is durable and inexpensive. True, it is always cool in a shower made of such material.

  1. Polycarbonate.

A universal building material with low weight, moisture resistance and low price. Material of different colors is easy to cut. It is considered an alternative to glass. But in the shower they use a color version so that it is not visible what is happening inside the cabin.

  1. Profiled sheet.

Beautiful, durable and inexpensive metal sheet. Shower walls covered with this material do not need to be constantly painted.

The choice of building materials is not limited to the types listed earlier. However, wooden beams or profile pipes are used for lintels and racks of the cabin, and any other materials are used for walls.

How the device works

To understand the principle of operation of a trampler, you first need to understand the features of its structure. The design of the shower consists of several elements:

  • watering can (nozzle);
  • rubber mat or pedals;
  • corrugated hose that does not allow water to pass through;
  • valves;
  • water intake corrugated tube.

In principle, the corrugation is replaced with standard tubes, but then you should be prepared for the fact that they will need to be changed frequently, since such products often break at the bends during operation.

Portable shower-treadmill

About choosing a place

Using the shower will be productive when a location is chosen before installation work begins. It must meet certain conditions:

  • the storage tank should not be in the shade, so choose a place for the shower away from country buildings;
  • if the tank is heated, then combined water heating is used: from the sun and electricity. For such a shower, it is necessary to provide a convenient and safe installation of the electrical network;
  • in order not to get sick after water procedures, the shower stall should not be blown from all sides;
  • a shower located on a hill never stagnates.

Summer shower

A summer shower cabin, if you do not have a suitable corner on your site, will be an excellent solution. What is she like?

This is a frame made of metal or plastic tubes, with a tray and a water tank attached to the top. The walls are made of waterproof synthetic material or opaque polyethylene, depending on the configuration. You can separately purchase a similar changing cabin, only without a container on top. Thus, for little money you will get a full-fledged shower cabin for your dacha and will comfortably take hygiene procedures.

We invite you to evaluate the entire range of summer options for a country shower in our online store.

About dimensions

The dimensions of the cabin should allow you to freely stand, turn and bend.

The following sizes are considered optimal:

  • height - 2.5 m;
  • width - 1.4 m;
  • length - 1.5 m.

To ensure that clothes and towels always remain dry, a locker room is equipped in the form of an extension with dimensions of 2 square meters. m.

Drawing of a summer shower with a changing room

What is a camp shower?

All devices for maintaining hygiene in conditions of separation from civilization can be divided into several types according to certain criteria.

Based on the design features, we can highlight:

  1. In the form of a reservoir with a fixed hose.
  2. In the form of a tent.
  3. In the form of a pump.

By method of heating water:

  1. With natural heating. Useful on hot summer days. Water should be poured into a container and left in the sun. Just a few hours and it's warmed up.
  2. With artificial heating. Suitable for use in the cold season, in cloudy weather. This device requires electricity. The water heats quickly and is not dangerous.

About the storage tank

For summer showers, various storage tanks are used. They differ in three respects.

  1. Case material.
  • Metal tank.

Without painting, the structure quickly rusts, so the water turns yellow. It’s easy to paint the container black on the outside, but you won’t be able to get to the inside through the neck.

  • Galvanized tank.

The protective zinc coating lasts up to 30 years. The water in the tank is always clean. Due to their low cost, such tanks are in great demand.

  • Stainless steel tank.

This container never rusts. It is durable, and most importantly, it looks aesthetically pleasing. The high price limits the use of structures made of such material in dachas.

Stainless steel tank with heating element

  • Plastic tank.


The throughput of such a pump is small; one liter can be pumped in 20-30 seconds.

The water pressure is also insignificant; at best, the pressure will be 2.5-3 meters. The limitation here is the design of the pump, which is made with an eye to convenience, compactness, and ease of repair.

To increase pressure and productivity, you can raise a container of water, for example, on a stool. Do not use small diameter hoses. The smaller the cross-sectional area of ​​the channel, the higher the resistance of the pipe, the more effort will need to be applied when pumping.

You should also avoid kinking or creasing the hose, as they can cause complete blockage of the channel.

It is better to use corrugated pipes, with them the likelihood of bending is much lower. You can create a model with your own hands that will exceed the ready-made varieties offered in the store in terms of maximum pressure. But it will be less convenient to use.

How to supply water to a heated tank

Many summer residents prefer a shower that has a heated tank. It allows you to wash comfortably and not catch a cold in any weather.

With combined heating from the sun and an additional source, the water in the tank is always warm. There are different sources of water heating.

  1. Firewood.

A stove is installed next to the cabin in which wood is burned. An additional tank is installed on the stove, from which boiled water is pushed into the main tank. Thanks to the circulation and mixing of liquids of different temperatures, warm water for washing is obtained.

  1. Electricity.

This type of shower uses a storage tank with a heating element. To reduce installation costs, it is enough to locate the shower cabin with a tank close to the power supply and water supply.

The water in the tank is heated by a cartridge or double-ended heating element. For a 200-liter container you will need a heating element with a power of 2.0 kW.

When choosing a tank with a heating element, be sure to take into account the state of the electrical networks and the pressure in the water supply system.

Before supplying water to the heated tank, you must ensure that it is securely attached to the cabin. A frame made of a profile pipe installed on the foundation will provide a stable position for such a tank.

At a summer cottage, water is supplied to the heated tank from a centralized water supply or an equipped well. To do this, a water pipe is laid from a well pump or from a hydraulic accumulator.

The water level in the tank is controlled by a float valve. If you install an additional cold water tank nearby, you can get water at any temperature.

A tank with a heating function is easy to install, in addition, it is inexpensive and lasts up to 40 years.

Main construction options

It should be noted that shower structures may also have design features. It is important to choose exactly the option that is suitable for your conditions. Below we consider which types of devices are used most often:

Lightweight structuresIf you need to make a shower in your country house without running water, the simplest option would be a lightweight frame covered with light curtains that can be removed for the winter, which will extend their service life. At the top there is a container in which the water is heated by the sun. Naturally, such a device can only be used in the warm season.
Capital structuresThis option is a small building standing on a strip or columnar foundation and sheathed with durable material - wood, moisture-resistant plywood, profiled galvanized sheet or even simple slate. The water supply can be either from a container at the top or from a water supply
Detached buildingsThis option, such as a change house with a shower for a summer residence, is also quite widespread. It is not always possible to make a shower in a living room - this involves a lot of work. In addition, buildings made entirely of wood, for example, country houses made from block containers, do not tolerate any dampness at all.
Shower in the houseThis option is advisable only in one case: if such a room is included in the building plan in advance. This will make it possible to provide both a water supply and a sewerage system, which is also very important. But if you take a shower in the winter at the dacha, then this option will be optimal, since heating the living space is much easier and more economical

A winter shower in a country house with a changing room can combine two methods of water supply: use containers in the summer, and water supply in the cold season

About water supply

Water is supplied to the shower storage tank from various sources located at a distance. Such sources are:

  1. Centralized water supply.

In rare cases, summer cottages are connected to a centralized water supply, so this source is rarely used.

  1. Water well.

For reliable water supply to a summer cottage, a well is installed.

When water is used only in summer, then one submersible pump with a capacity of 1 m3 of water per hour is sufficient. For year-round use of the well, the arrangement includes the installation of a deep-well pump and a hydraulic accumulator, which ensures constant pressure in the network.

Using 20 mm metal-plastic or polypropylene pipes, the water supply source is connected to the shower storage tank. Such pipes have advantages: durability, lack of corrosion, easy installation, and the ability to put away for the winter.

Bulk water heater: reviews from summer residents

Reviews about water heaters without plumbing as such are mostly positive. And how could it be otherwise, because washing with hot water is much more pleasant than cold. But regarding their quality, cord length, material of manufacture, methods of fastening, some users have complaints. But this depends on the chosen model and manufacturer.

I bought a country tank water heater Alvin EVBO-20-2/1.25 with a shower and thermostat 6 years ago. In those days I didn’t see any analogues. There were options, and even now there are many of them, when a tank with a tap and water is supplied by gravity, but there is no way for water to be supplied using a pump. During the entire time I was using the water heater for my country shower, I only changed the gaskets in it, everything else works without problems. Thanks to the pump, an ordinary filling tank turns into a full-fledged shower.

Reviews about the Alvin bulk water heater are mostly positive

It is worth noting that the pressure from the diffuser depends on its height. If you raise it higher, the pressure increases, as the pump begins to pump more water. The only downside is its small size. Twenty liters is enough for only 5–10 minutes. Yes, this is quite enough to wash yourself, but not enough to relax under the running water after a hard day in the garden. Nevertheless, this is definitely the best water heater for a summer house.

Krasnoyarsk region, Evgeniy

I specifically chose a water heater without plumbing made of stainless steel. I thought that the water would always be clean without rust. I didn’t want plastic ones, they don’t look very reliable. I opted for an electric tankless water heater for the “Success” dacha. And after a couple of months I regretted it. It wasn't even enough for one season. The reason is that although the water heater itself is made of stainless steel, I will immediately note that it is not of very good quality, but the welding was probably done with a conventional electrode. It was the welding that rusted and the front part of the bottom fell off.

But this is not the only problem that happened to my heater. After just a month of operation, the heating element failed. A mini hole has formed in it. I had to change it. At the market, sellers said that the installed heating element was a Chinese counterfeit, and not “ARISTON” 1.2 kW, as indicated in the instructions. In general, I do not advise anyone to buy this garbage.

Moscow region, Dmitry

People do not always respond positively to the electric tankless water heater for the “Success” dacha

I bought an Aquatex tankless water heater without my husband. Since he didn’t want to hear about such a device at all. He said that we would soon build a well and install a normal boiler. I understood that this could soon drag on for years, since the house was not yet completely completed. But washing and washing dishes using an electric kettle is not very convenient. In general, I brought this miracle home and my husband became a little depressed when he began to install it.

Have you been thinking for a long time about how to connect a water heater without running water? The fact is that if you hang it on the wall end-to-end, the lid will not open. We had to install additional bars to keep the tank at a distance, but this didn’t really help us either. In addition to the lid, we also had a hard time with the tap. He's very squishy. And the gaskets included in the kit did not protect against leaks. Another minus is the short cord. Whatever one may say, the outlet must be placed in close proximity or an extension cord must be used.

Although we have been using it for almost two years, I still do not recommend this bulk boiler without running water.

Ekaterinburg, Antonina

It is appropriate to install tankless water heaters in those dachas where there is no running water at all and water has to be carried into the house in buckets or cans. In cases where there is running water, it is better to install a storage or instantaneous water heater.

About water drainage

If the water from the independent shower does not flow to the prepared place, then a “swamp” constantly collects around the cabin.

The method of drainage is laid at the stage of foundation equipment. Used shower water is disposed of in different ways.

  1. Centralized sewerage.

Few dachas have the opportunity to use centralized sewerage. This method is not widely used.

  1. Drainage pit.

A cheap and reliable way to collect shower drains. The receiver is installed under the shower stall. To do this, dig a hole up to 0.8 m deep and lay the bottom with coarse gravel.

A tray made of metal, plastic or wood is placed on top of the pit.

Alternatively: drainage from old car tires

  1. Sewage pit.

Such a receiver collects wastewater from the entire summer cottage. The water is discharged into a cesspool or septic tank. To prevent wastewater from stagnating, when installing pipes it is necessary to maintain a level difference between the pit and the shower stall.

Why is it profitable?

The stomp shower is really beneficial. Why? Because he:

  • small-sized;
  • mobile;
  • economical;
  • good for health and figure.

The design of the shower is not voluminous. This allows you to pack the device and easily transport it with you. It is also convenient to place it in some place for a period when no use is expected. At the same time, models with a corrugated hose are more convenient.

Photo from website:

The trampoline shower is light and mobile. You can not only take it with you to the dacha, but also take it on a hike. It will fit into a large backpack or bag. Light weight will make traveling with it enjoyable.

Is there sometimes no water in your apartment? No problem. During a planned water supply outage, you can wash yourself using the Toptun shower. To do this, however, it will be necessary to store water in advance.

You can place such a shower anywhere. Any flat surface is suitable for its installation. The device will also function on uneven surfaces, but it will be inconvenient to use. If desired, you can build a shower stall for hygiene procedures. It can be made from available materials. You can use a portable shower without a stall, if the terrain allows it.

The treadmill shower saves water. In order to take one hygiene procedure, 10 liters are enough. If you take into account that at the time of soaping a person does not trample, which means that water is not consumed, then the savings are obvious. Also, by bathing in this way, you will reduce your energy consumption. The shower will work with the help of your own movements, but you can heat the water in the summer in the sun.

Photo from the site:

It’s also worth making a portable shower with your own hands because it will cost less than a purchased model. Many design elements may already be available on the farm.

The trample shower can be used while watering the garden or washing the car. And this is not the limit. You can come up with a lot of profitable and convenient things with his participation.

This shower can be used as a means of losing weight. Intense pedaling will help tighten your thighs and stomach. It's also worth noting that vigorous movement has health benefits, even in small amounts. If you use a stomp-type shower once a day, you will be able to maintain the tone of your muscles and blood vessels. At the same time, you can optimally regulate the water pressure.

About the pallet

To prevent water from accumulating inside the shower stall, use a tray. The choice of tray depends on what type of floor is needed in the shower stall. There are several options for pallets.

  1. Wooden boards with gaps.

An option that does not require large expenses, since the drainage flows through the cracks directly into the drainage pit. This type of tray has a drawback: cold air is blown in through the cracks in the floor.

  1. Tray with drainage hole.

The outflow of water is ensured by homemade or purchased products made of iron, wood or acrylic. For fixation, the tray is screwed to the wall of the booth. It is necessary to maintain a slope towards the drain. A wooden ladder or mat on a pallet will protect your feet from the cold.

Principle of operation

How does a treadmill shower work? This design is connected to a reservoir filled with water. Its role can be a barrel, vat or can. Some even use inflatable pools. The water in the tank should already be warm. It will be supplied through a hose to the shower head. In order for the water to rise, you must press the pedals. The water pressure depends on the intensity of traffic. That is, in order to swim, you need to really mark time. This is not always convenient, but it saves water.

Photo from the site:

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